Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Here are the decorations that I was planning on getting rid of.  If you would like any of them, then please let me know.  If more than one of you would like the same thing then we will discuss that item.  I think you all do an excellent job in resolving issues, so that should not be a problem.

We  made some of these ornaments.  Others were made by Georgia, William's old girlfriend.
1. Santa-made by Cathy; Erin's; penguin-made by Kari; Maroon Santa; Blue Santa-Heather's.

2. Mrs. & Mrs. Claus

3. Blue Santa Box with 12 ornaments.  You can take just the box if you don't want the ornaments.

4.  Blue Snowman Box with 12 ornaments.  You can take just the box if you don't want the ornaments.

5.  Beige Angel Box with 12 ornaments.  You can take just the box if you don't want the ornaments.

6.   Dark Green velvet Victorian Ornament.

A close up of above set.

 A close up of the set below.

 7.  Dark Purple Victorian velvet ornaments.

A close up of the set below.

8.  Teal Blue Velvet Victorian Ornaments.

A close up of the set below.

9.  Beige Lace with Teal Blue Flowers Victorian Ornaments.
Perhaps Leslie's friend who does vintage crafts might be interested, if you girls aren't.

10.  Stuffed Fabric Ornaments.

 11. Rudolph Reindeer-I made years ago.

12. Lace Hat-I made years ago.  Can redecorate the brim to your colors.

 13. Avon Porcelain Plate. 1985 (Probably Heather's)

Same as above with box.

14.   Avon Christmas Plate. 1981 (Probably Heather's)

15.  Wood  Snowmen.  I made.  You could each have one, or if only one taker, your choice.

16.  Snowman Flag, Set of 3 Ceramic Angels (They were Grandma DD's),
Santa (Probably made by one of your friends.)

17.  Pinwheel Ornaments.  Set of 9. Very Dark Purple/Red Violet?

18.  Kari's Ornaments.  Gingerbread man-Kari made, Dog made by Georgia, Star/Bear-Kari made.
Felt Circle/Picture, Mexican thing, Wood Rectangle/Picture, Ceramic Snowman from a friend, Brass Metal Angel with your name engraved.

19.  Heather's Ornament.  Two Metal Brass Ornaments with your name, Reindeer with your name, Two Foam ornaments made by friends, Snowman mde of PVC pipe, Star with fingerprint on back (dated), and Circle fingerprint duck (dated).

 20.  Leslie's engraved ornaments.

21.  Erin's engraved Ornaments, and Gingerbread Man made by Erin. 

22.  Christmas Gecko and Wooden Snowman.  One of you girls made the snowman.

 23.  Avon Christmas Advent Calendar.  Kari already has one.  (Bag is included.)

24.  Two Undecorated Wreaths.  Never used.

25,  Ziggy, Snowman, Ziggy

26.  Reindeer, Small Female Reindeer, Large Reindeer, Small Dark Reindeer.

 27. Fabric Christmas Tree (Cathy Made), Two Large Bells, One Small Bell

28.  Small Angel Tree Topper and Clippy Reindeer

29.  Snow scene Bowl and Tree Tray

30.  3 Crocheted Angels, (Small, Medium, and Large) Made by Grandma DD.
One small angel made by one of you I think.

31.  Wood "Wise Men Still Seek Him". Made by Cathy
Santa Plastic Canvas. Made by my friend Carolyn Hobbs in NM.
Santa Ornament.  Paper Tree. Ceramic Mask (was suppose to be Heather's years ago; never painted).

32.  "Merry Christmas" Banner.  Lace Ornament with Potpourri.

 33.  Ball Ornament, Glitter Blue Star (one of you made it), Felt candy cane holder, Vintage girl Ornament.

 34. Top ornament is a bear on a circle of lace that clips on
Two Blue snowman ornaments, and two reindeer ornaments.
Green Wooden Tree.  (Probably belongs to one of you.)

 35.  Three small fabric balls, One large Ball, One Pinecone.

36.  Four Hot Air Balloons. Cathy Made

37. Noel, Birdhouse and Rabbit in a Box made by Grandma DD.
Red Wreath (Belongs to one you you.)

38. White Stocking, Raccoon, Red Stocking, Sleigh, Bells, Cat

39.  PomPom Ball Ornaments.
Rabbit, Sled, Cat, Soldier, Dog.

 40.  Our Vintage Christmas Card Holder :)
"Cathy" Trivet/Picture

41.  Musical Sleigh and Votive Candle Holder House

 42.  Votive Candle Holder Fireplace

 43.  Glass Candle Holder
 44.  Heavy Santa Stocking Holder
 45. House Votive Candle Holder

46. Light weight Elf Stocking Holder
47. Heavy Two Santas Stocking Holder

48.  Heavy Santa's Workshop Stocking Holder


  1. Wow, how about a trip down memory lane. I'll have to think about this, especially since we are in the process of (already) getting rid of Christmas ornament stuff. And since Nick isn't as sentimental as I am.

  2. Yeah, huge trip down memory lane. Here's what I saw that I liked:
    1. Kari's penguin. She said I could have it.
    15. One or two snowmen
    16. The flag, and one small angel
    20. Yes, all of them
    24. At least one wreath (for my front door)
    30. The small Grandma DD angel
    33. The glitter star if nobody else claims it
    34. Snowmen ornaments
    Love you.

  3. #4
    #22 gecko only
    i hate this site, won't let me do anything

  4. only took me 3 times before it lets me post as Erin

  5. 2. mr and mrs. claus
    11. rudolph
    18.the dog ornament, the two pictures, the snowman, the brass ornament,
    26. the three reindeer on the right. but not the first one
    27. the large bell with the red ribbon
    28. the clippy reindeer
    31. wise men still seek him and santa ornament
    33. ball ornament and vintage girl ornament
    36. the hot air balloon ornaments.
    38. white stocking
    41. musical sleigh

    since heather is the only one left, if you really want any of the ones i want let me know.

    also, I am going to ask cindy if she wants any of the victorian ones, if you guys don't mind.

  6. #19 - Ones with my name on them
    #27 - Which ever bell is left over.

  7. 1. Cindy
    3. Amy
    5. Cindy
    6. Cindy
    9. Cindy
    10. cindy
    18. bear on star
    23. amy
    25. amy-snowman
    26. first reindeer
    28. cindy- angel
    32. cindy- lace ornament
    35. cindy- three small fabric balls
    38. cindy- bells and sleigh fabric ornament
    42. amy