Sunday, March 13, 2011

Landscape 2011

Looking east  

Looking southeast
Looking south.  That is a redbud tree in the iris bed.  It got hit hard in one of the ice storms.  We are hoping to keep it.

Looking southwest.  That is a redbud tree in the large garden.  There is also a dogwood tree a little farther back in the same bed.  That garden also has a weigela bush, lilacs, and a lobelia bush.  In the smaller flower bed is a maple tree.  I only mentioned the big things.  The lobelia is what is leaning towards the maple tree.  The weigela is on the south side of the bed.
Looking west
Standing in driveway
Standing in curve of driveway, looking through the large flowerbed.  This flowerbed I would like to keep.

Standing in front of smallest flowerbed.  I would probably like to keep this one too.  The hammock gets moved around a lot.  The sling is inside at the present time.
Again standing in driveway looking at the iris bed.  It can be taken out and the irises relocated.
Starting to go down the driveway looking back at house.  That is a small crabapple tree to the left of the large oak tree. 
Again looking back at the house.  Here you can see some of the smaller oak trees.  Some will be removed.  We have a yellow ribbon on the ones we want to keep.
Just a little farther down the driveway.
Walking around to the back of the house.  The green disk in the septic tank.  I want to keep the stone wall.  We will probably extend the railroad ties a little farther down on the top row.  And then make a turn to connect with the stone wall.  That will make room for the walkway along the front of the porch.
Back of the house.  There is a drain for the downspout near the tree that does not have a yellow ribbon.  (That would be the tree closest to the house of the clump of four.)  The "doghouse" is the pump house.
The white pipe is the drain for the washer.  I use to have a shade garden, but it is mostly gone.  A few ferns, hostas and lily of the valleys.  And there is one boxwood that was already here.  I have no idea how it got there.  It is to the left of the tree stump and towards me.  The stump is almost gone.

A very distant future plan would be to put a patio area back here.  It will probably never happen.  

This is looking down the flowerbed on the terraced area.  The railroad ties need to be replace a little farther don=wn and then turned to join the stone wall. 
Just a little farther back from the terraced area.  There is a drain for the downspout near the end of the railroad ties.
Just looking at the stone wall and porch.
The downspout for the porch needs a drain area so it does not wash away the ground.  I only have a board there for now.  Will need something better soon.  We will do that soon.  The walkway will go right over it.  
We want to put something along the underskirt.  We want to keep animals out from under the porch.  We plan on using lattice for that.  Small animals will still be able to get in though.
Close-up of the downspout.  We also thought we would put in a step or two to get down into the yard near this area.  Closer to me taking the picture.  So I will have to make a few changes with the stone wall.
Here you can see the step I have to get in the yard.  It has always been there.  There are quite a few flowers (bulbs and irises) that will need to be moved for the walkway along the porch.
This is just to show you the iris bed that can be moved-relocated.  All the dirt is from the excavating for the porch.  We are still working on getting the leveling right so it drains away from the house.
The lanterns are at the corner of the porch.  The porch is 27 feet long.  We should have gone with 28 feet.  Oh well.  The swing will go between the lanterns and the cedar post to the west of the picnic table.  The big oak tree is about 15 feet from the porch.
We will keep the walkway to the cars.  We just need to re-do it so it drains better.  There is a low spot in it now.  I will also keep the little garden area between the porch and the cement apron along the side of the house.  I have some herbs growing here along with some other plants.
Just a view from the other direction.  The walkway along the front of the porch will connect to this walkway.  The ash tree is about 20 feet from the corner of the porch.
I hope this will help you get started on the plan.  Let me know if there is something else you need to know.  I'll get back to you ASAP.  Love you all and thanks for doing this.


  1. Mom, you are a little bit off on the cardinal directions. I wasn't getting all confused, so I pulled up google maps, and it looks like the house is oriented in a northwest to southeast direction. I don't know how much difference this will make, especially with all the trees and all, I would imagine there's quite a bit of shade, except with the afternoon/evening sun. Anyway, I was just wondering if maybe you could change the cardinal directions on those first pictures, so Heather and I can get a good idea of sun patterns and all. Oh, and on the railroad ties, are they going to connect to the rock wall (which I love, btw) on the end close to the porch, or the end further away from the house? Love you!

  2. I just noticed there's updates. Thanks!